The museum

Hello, our dear site-users!

We are glad to welcome you to our virtual exposition, devoted to the history of our pupils’ families. We’d like to tell you, how interesting these histories are, each of them reflecting like a mirror the fate of the Russian Jews in the XX century. The histories will be sad and funny, small and huge, happy and tragic…

The best way to start acquainting with the museum exposition is to look through its conception, where you can get the information about the museum creation, its structure and activities.

If you are interested in the museum development, visit the museum history page.

In the “Museum friends and staff” section you can learn about the museum team and those, who have been contributing to the collection.

In the “Visitors’ book” the most interesting records, left by the museum visitors are represented. You can put your communications or suggestions there, if necessary.

The information about the museum projects, its exposition and displays can be found on this site pages.

We hope that you visit will be pleasant and interesting.

We would also appreciate if you share with us you opinions and/or impressions of the visit.

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